Masters Program

As the time for Christ’s return approaches, the need to make a firm stand in the Word of God worldwide grows stronger. The time to prepare is now. The Masters Program at West Coast Baptist College offers an MRE in Bible with concentrations available in Bible, education, and music.


Study, conduct advanced research, and learn how to love the Word of God on a deeper level then ever before. Experience the depth of its history and truths, and learn how to apply them in practical ministry.


In the Education concentration, instructors will learn the various styles of learning and teaching and how to apply them in their classrooms in relevant ways. Help shape the future by teaching the next generation how to live for Christ.


Music is a tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Learn how it can emotionally guide and promote spiritual concepts. Master its use effectively in church environments to honor and glorify Christ.

Develop Your Skills

Through the avenues of speech, lifestyle, charity, spirit, faith, and purity, the Christian leader can grow his skills and use them to not only fight and win his own battles, but to also encourage those around him as well.

Deepen Your Research

Bible students may learn how to broaden and develop research and analytical skills in theology, education, and music. First Timothy 4:13 encourages the growth of the mind in giving attendance to reading, exhortations and doctrine. These may apply practically by reading the Scriptures and in researching biblical truths.